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Western Circuit Tanzania

The wilderness of the western circuit is for the adventure seeker and for those who want to get a close view of the primate species living in their natural habitat. The Western Circuit Tanzania comprises of the area lying between the ridges of Rift Valley Escarpments on western highlands and game-filled enclaves located along that. The two main parks in the Western Circuit Tanzania are Gombe and Mahale both known for accommodating chimpanzee and other primate species.

Most of the protected areas are cut off from the main safari route of Tanzania and hence are far less visited. This can create an excellent game viewing where the whole area will be up to you to explore.

  • With a mere size of 52 sq Km, Gombe National Park is the smallest national park of Tanzania but a heaven for chimp enthusiasts as it is one of the few remaining places in Africa where you can see them in the wild. Besides chimps, you can spot Beachcomber olive baboons, red-tailed and red colobus monkeys on any given day along with 200 bird species.
  • Lying on the shores of picturesque Lake Tanganyika, Mahale Mountains National Park is arguably the best place in Africa for chimp safaris. This reserve is exceedingly remote, tricky, and thus costly to travel. But the few one who make it here get the best chimp viewing experience.

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gombe stream national park

Gombe Stream National Park

Gombe Stream National Park is situated in the western border of Tanzania, and is easily accessible by boat from Kigoma town which is 16 km to the south. With an area of only 52 sq km, Gombe Stream is one of the smallest National Parks in Tanzania,


mahale mountains national park

Mahale Mountains National Park

Mahale Mountains National Park lies 120 km south of Kigoma town, on a peninsula in Lake Tanganyika on the western border of Tanzania. The park has an area of 1613 sq km and is dominated by the Mahale Mountains Chain running from north-west to south-east across


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